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Belt Conveyor - Delivery Ends

Philford has experience in the designed and manufacture of various types of Belt Conveyor Delivery Ends for mining and surface belt conveyor applications. We have designed these to suit varying belt widths from 900mm to 1500mm and conveyor powers up to and including 1000kw.

These are designed around a correctly specified Philford Drum or a free issue Drum dependant on your requirements. Supplied styles of delivery end including the following:

- Driven Delivery Ends (See Belt Conveyors – Drives )
- Floor mounted Remote Head Delivery Ends
- Roof mounted Remote Head Delivery Ends
- Floor Mounted Jib / Extended Delivery Ends
- Roof Mounted Jib / Extended Delivery Ends

Conveyor delivery ends are generally subject to the highest combine belt tensions in both static and dynamic conditions. It is therefore imperative to correctly specify the drum and its restraint steelwork to ensure they can accommodate the applied forces. We have the expertise to ensure that all of your delivery end requirements are met.