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Belt Conveyor - Loop Take-Up / Belt Tension Systems

Philford have manufactured a wide range of conveyor tensioning systems for the mines, quarries and power generation industries. We have experience in the design and manufacture of single lap maintenance take-up loops and multi-lap take-up loop belt storage and tension systems, used with advancing and retreating conveyors. These can be supplied in most belt widths and types to suit customer requirements and have been designed to house from five meters up to two hundred meters of belt storage.

We also have experience in other belt tension arrangements including Tension-able Return Ends and gravity take-up units, which are covered under their respective Sections.

Typical examples of supplied Loop Take-Up / Tension Systems:

- Single Deck Multi-Lap Take-Up Loop / Tension Systems
- Double Deck Multi-Lap Take-Up Loop / Tension Systems
- High Speed Development Multi-Lap Take-Up Loop / Tension Systems
- Single Lap Static Maintenance Take-Up Loop / Tension Systems
- Flat Pack / Transportable Take-Up Loop / Tension Systems
- Light Duty Face-Line Development Take-Up Loop / Tension Systems

We understand the important of a correctly specified tension system being critical to the function of all conveyors. The ability to build belt storage and maintenance into the system is also crucial to ensuring the conveyor can be serviced efficiently. We have knowledge of the manual; mechanical and hydraulic tension systems available and their control. All conveying equipment take-up systems require suitable restraint systems that we have previously designed and calculated for including floor and roof mounted applications up to 1000kw conveyor power ratings.