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Bulk Head

Unity Mine Ltd

The Bulk Head was designed and calculated to accommodate the pressures, which would be produced within the mine by the new ventilation system.

Drawings of the roadways were supplied and further quantified onsite by our own design team prior to final design works being carried out. The Bulk Head was design to accommodate 4 banks of fans with the facility for a further fifth fan bank should the mine develop and require it in the future. A Sealed cable entrance was incorporated into the Bulk Head design to allow the electrical feeds for the fans to pass through. The fabrication work was completed in house at Philfords and fully build up in our factory for customer inspection and approval prior to shipping.

Please also see the case study " Fan Bank Assembly Support Steelwork " as this was also part of this particular project and was fully design and manufactured by Philfords Design Engineers Ltd.


Services Used

Site Survey
Design & Calculations
Project Management
Fabrication and Machining

Products and Expertise Used

Steelwork Manufacturing
Shop Fitting & Build Up Works