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Advancing / Walking Pantek Belt Return End

Hatfield Colliery / Powerfuel

Philford was successful in securing an order for the design and manufacture for four off 1200mm belt width advancing / walking pantek belt return ends to work in conjunction with four off Philford heavy duty bridge belt systems. The walking systems where used for the redevelopment of the main trunk roadways and new faces at the re-opened mine.

The systems where designed to work with 600kw belt drives and the forces these units would produce in stall conditions. The walking / advancing units where tailored to suit the customers needs with the length accommodating the required overlap for 6m of mining before advancing the belt and installing structure. The walkers were also design to carry all the required spares, toolboxes, electrical panels and ventilation equipment into the heading as the roadway advanced.

This is particular model of Walking Belt Return End has been supplied into numerous mines within the UK and has gained a reputation as a durable and reliable advancing conveyor solution. Philford has also numerous alternative design alternatives to the type of equipment including a solid trough heavy-duty option used by UK Coal.

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