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Belt Conveyor - Run Through Receiving Sections

Philford has a reputation for designing and manufacturing fit for purpose quality conveyor components for the mining, power and quarrying industries. We acknowledge the demand on the equipment through transport to location, installation, re-location and during use in production. We apply this understanding to our conveyor run through Receiving Section design. Run Through Receiving Sections are designed to be located at some point along a conveyors length allowing the load from another conveyor to be received. Philfords have designed such receiving sections in various belt widths to accept loads up and including 3000tph.

We have supplied Run Through Receiving Sections to the following:

- Power Stations
- Coal Mines
- Salt Mines
- Gypsum Mines
- Potash Mines
- Quarries 

Receiving Sections demand attention to the control of the material and dust, impact and wear. We have the expertise to ensure that all Run Through Receiving Sections are met.