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Chain Conveyors - Drag Link & Scraper Conveyors

Philford has vast experience in the designed, manufacture and the installation of drag link and scraper conveyors to handle coal, limestone, biomass, gypsum, potash, salt, glass and other various pellet types.

The following are some typical examples of our chain conveyor supply:

- Underground chain conveyor moving bunker systems
- Surface bulk loading chain conveyor metering systems
- Reclaiming moving bunker systems
- Heavy duty underground development chain conveyors
- Light duty drag link feed and metering conveyors
- Heavy duty drag link feed and metering conveyors

We have the ability and knowledge required to specify the correct materials for flights, chains and deck components to ensure a fit for purpose, reliable and serviceable machine that will stand up to the demands that these type of systems require. Having also supplied both conventional mechanical drives and hydraulic drive arrangements we have the expertise to ensure that all of your chain and drag link conveyor requirements are met.