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Belt Conveyor - Advancing / Retreating Conveyor Systems

Philford have a wealth experience in the design and manufacture of advancing / retreating conveyor systems for the mining industries.

Our supply covers walking return end arrangements and the bridge conveyor systems which form the connection between the mining / heading machines and the main conveyor. We have successfully designed and supplied systems to work in conjunction with Joy and Sandvik machines operating in the coal mining industry, but these systems are more than suitable for use in any mining application were advancing or retreating methods are deployed. We have designed and manufactured to suit various lengths of overlap between the bridge belts and walking systems to ensure the customer can achieve their maximum potential production or heading requirements before advancing or retreating.

We understand that these type of conveyor systems are required to function in the most volatile areas within a mine were geological conditions can change rapidly and a heavy-handed approach to equipment use is present. Our systems are designed to withstand the type of use and perform effectively in these environments. Experience tells us that a flexible approach to design is important for this type of system as mine engineers like to incorporate the requirements for equipment transport, ventilation, and electrical needs into the walking equipment as it can double up as a transporter for these important recourses.

Please explore the attached link, which demonstrates one of our advancing conveyor systems.