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Philford is one of the mining industry’s leading suppliers. We work closely with salt, potash, gypsum and the remaining coal mines and have an unrivalled understanding of the industry’s demands.

Our engineers specialise in developing full conveyor systems, including multi-bank loops, remote head ends, receiving sections, return ends and full ‘walking’ systems.

We supply chain conveyors built to customer requirements with, for instance, varied pan widths and gear box specifications. And our bridge conveyor design for heading machines has been launched to widespread acclaim within the coal industry.

Our designs for mounting full drives, delivery and ‘loop in the roof’ systems are also widely used.

The expertise we have developed over the last three decades has enabled us to create a unique and adaptable conveyor drum design, which has eliminated many of the problems traditionally encountered with this type of equipment. Our drums offer longer service life and are more economical to repair and refurbish.

We can also repair, refurbish or redesign all kinds of mechanical equipment used within the mining industry to exceptional standards.