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USB Reclaims Conveyor and Sizing Scheme

Compass Minerals

To ensure flexibility of a conveyor system, a customer wanted an option to get stocked rock into the plant system should there be issues with the main production belts.  This request was realized with the installation of a trough belt conveyor.

The specification for the conveyor was to receive material from a chain feeder and deliver the material into a chute system that was to be designed to accept material from both an existing conveyor and the proposed reclaims conveyor.  The chute needed a sizing grid to separate the rock, delivering the larger lumps into a crusher. The smaller product was delivered directly onto the next belt in the system, reducing the material passing through the crusher. As part of the scheme, the crusher was free issued and housed on a platform.

The conveyor is around 35m long, 1200mm belt width, with an installed drive power of 37kW capable of moving 1200TPH. Access walkways run the full length of the conveyor, connecting up with the platform on which the crusher and chute are supported.

The sizing grid inside the chute, termed a ‘grizzly’, was made up of plates to form a ‘T’ cross section, which has been found to be more resistant to blocking up.  The bars were spaced at 100mm. The undersized material did not go through the crusher but was delivered onto the belt up-stream of the crusher. This improved the efficiency of the crusher, and gave a bed of undersized material on the belt to protect it from the impact of the larger material falling onto the belt.

Services Used

Site Survey
Project Management
Fabrication and Machining

Products and Expertise Used

Trough belt conveyor design
Material handling / sizing chute design
Platform Design