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Underground Tripper Bunker System

Cleveland Potash Ltd

In 2014 Philford was requested to design and manufacture an underground bunkering system, which would allow 4000 tonnes of mineral to be stored in a 200m long roadway during production. The material would be reclaimed back onto the conveyor system by other means once the roadway bunker became full.

The system was designed around a driven moving belt tripper carriage running the full length of the 200m long structure. The tripper running structure was designed in 6m long modular sections bolted to the roadway floor and rib side. The tripper had a flap door mechanism, which allowed material to be either delivered onto a short 600mm wide stacker belt built into the tripper, or deliver inline and carry on along the main belt and out of the mine. The design of the tripper and stacker belt was particularly challenging as it was a new design / concept and there was a limited height in the roadway to fit the required conveyor parameters / equipment into. The equipment was designed around our customers standard conveyor drums, belt structure and all other components which could be rationalised inline with other bunker systems within the mine.

Services Used

Design & Calculations
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Products and Expertise Used

Conveyor Design 
Material Handling
Hopper Design
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