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Sump Access Floor Project

Drax Power Station

The Engineers at Drax power approached Philford Design to design a platform that would enable them to remove excess ash from the emergency dust sluice pit.

Drax were experiencing problems caused by a build up of excess ash that had solidified over a number of years causing blockages and overflowing slurry from the pit to the surface. The pit was covered by a concrete slab so the only access to clear the blockages and excess ash was by means of a manhole.

Our Project Design Engineers were asked to survey the area and design a bespoke platform to enable the ash to be cleared by means of mobile plant or pump that could be lowered into the pit.

Our scope of works comprised of:

- Removing the concrete slab from above the pit
- Installing the platform over the pit
- Re-positioning the level probe

Our platform comprised of a bolted structural frame which sat over the area of the removed concrete, open mesh grid panels, Armco barrier, handrail, and self closing gate all with a galvanized finish.

This was just one of many of our projects that we have now successfully completed for Drax Power.

Services Used

Site Survey
Design & Calculations
Project Management
Fabrication and Machining
Fitting & build up works

Products and Expertise Used

Structural design and calculations
Expert drilling and cutting
3D Modelling
Barrier Design
Lifting frame design
Point of work risk assessment
Health and Safety