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Rope Style Ash Grab Assembly

Drax Power Station

Drax Power Station approached Philford Design, to design, renew and improve their rope style ash grab assembly. The original design had regular bottom cartridge bearing failures, due the bearings bearing operated in an ash slurry environment. Both bucket halves were required to be replaced as excessive wear was seen in the open and closed jaw and operating tooth areas. This prevented the bucket from opening and closing correctly to a stage where the bucket had to be removed from service.

Once all problems were reported and recorded by Philford Design, a new and improved design was produced. The new design included, heavy duty hard wearing bucket halves, with hard faced impact areas. An improved grease shroud arrangement minimising the impact of ash to the bearings on the bottom pulley cartridge. Hard face and re-machine all rope guide rollers, returning the rollers back to the original specification. Repair or replace all components including bearings, shafts, pulley wheels, guards and bucket operating arms. Once all parts were completed and inspected, the bucket was fitted together by Philford Design Staff, ensuring all parts work correctly before completion/delivery to Drax Power Station. After a period of over a year, the buckets have seen a longer lifespan / operational improvement due the work carried out by Philford Design Engineers.

Services Used

Reverse Engineering
Project Management
Fabrication and Machining
Fitting & build up works

Products and Expertise Used

Refurbish and fabricate all worn components
Design new improved bearing seal arrangement
Manufactured heavy duty hard faced bucket halves