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Ø24" x 80" Crusher Roll Manufature

Compass Minerals

A pair of crusher rolls was deemed beyond economical repair, and a new pair offered. The rolls, that were Ø24” x 80” long with longitudinal teeth, were drawn using Solid Works and manufactured. A large portion of the roll faces were covered in a very high wear resistant laser cladding.

These particular rolls are the penultimate stage, before the product passes through the finished product rolls. As such the tolerance of the roll face and teeth needs to be tight to ensure the sizing of the product is uniform.

Philfords have also refurbished other rolls, from the cruder tooth rolls breaking lumps to the higher precision finished product rolls. The finished product rolls need to have a chevron patterned high wear resistant covering that gives a finished roll that is parallel, concentric and uniform to ensure the finished product is uniform in size. This was achieved through laser cladding.

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Reverse Engineering
Design & Calculations
Project Management
Fabrication and Machining
Fitting & build up works

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Hard Face Cladding