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Heavy Duty Bridge Belt System

Hatfield Colliery / Powerfuel

Philford was requested to design and manufacture a heavy duty bridge belt system to mount onto and operate in conjunction with a Sandvik ABM25 continues miner. The system was to form the overlap between the miner and the main conveyor belt, ensuring that there was 6 metres of heading / cutting achieved before the main conveyor required moving up and structure added.

The bridge belt was heavy duty in design and utilised standard heavy duty commodity drum sizes and a 65HP Lion Drive Unit again to ensure standardisation of common spares. The bridge belt was modular in design to aid transport and installation.

This is particular model of Bridge Belt has been supplied into numerous mines within the UK and has gained a reputation as a durable and reliable bridge belt solution. The towing / mounting arrangements are compatible with Sankvik ABM25, Joy JCM18 Dosco Road Heading Machines. 

Services Used

Site Survey
Design & Calculations
Project Management
Fabrication and Machining
Fitting & Building Up Works

Products and Expertise Used

Hydraulic System Design 
Material Handling
Hopper Design
Fitting & Build Up Works