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C50 Ash Chute Replacement

Drax Power Station

The customer wanted to replace C50 ash chute as per their on-going chute replacement contract. C50 ash chute located at Drax Power Station in junction house 2 on the ash plant.

The specification for the chute was to receive material from conveyor no. 50 and deliver the material through three levels and feeding two conveyors lines; this was done with a single flap valve section. The flap valve is hydraulically powered and designed to control the direction of the material flow. The ash chute was fully lined with an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic to enable smooth flow of material and wear properties.

The existing chute was a square design with small radial internal corners, which was prone to blocking. We designed the new chute to be circular section, which eradicate the corners; this gives a better flow rate for the ash material to reduce any blockages.

The chute is around 13m long, 1100mm belt width and a capacity of 700TPH. Access platforms were required for maintenance access to the hydraulic flap valve rams & inspections doors, the platforms were designed into the chute.

Services Used

Site Survey
Design & Calculations
Project Management
Fabrication and Machining
Fitting & build up works

Products and Expertise Used

Flap Valve Design 
Material Handling
Chute Design
Platform Design
Installation Access